*Short Biography*

Alexei Mikhaylovich Bocharov was born in toun of Feodosia (the Crimea) in 5th of April 1974. He become enthusiastic abuot the guitar since 14,5 years old after listening to such bands like The Beatles, Doors, Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd and many more. In 1992 he graduated Naval School in toun of Kerch and got the proffession of Seaman-Motorman. Alexei lived at Sakhalin island since February 1993, where he started to write songs more or less regularly. And where he heard for the first time Steve Vai, Frank Zappa and Joe Satrirni and it was the second great influence. In 2000 He recorded his first album named Nothing Can Be Simply In This World (lyrics in Russian), and in autumn of the same year he moved to St-Petersburg. In St-Petersburg he collaborated with Zapretniy Artefact band. He recorded another three solo albums.

Alexei is occupied with studio soundrecording as a rule, he records all instrumens by himself, as well as makes designs to the covers of his albums.

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